New residential complex with security and landscaping

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Warschau, Woiwodschaft Masowien, Polen
Warschau, Woiwodschaft Masowien, Polen
  • from 930000


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The whole complex is being built in 2 stages (the first stage is sold out).

This is a project with a modern glazed block finished with travertine.

The estate will be guarded (porter’s house with access control at the entrance) and
Controlled. Landscaped alleys and carefully
planned landscaping with elements of small architecture: fountain, benches,
Investments are made in 2 stages.

Part 1, consisting of 25 mansions, and part 2, consisting of 20 mansions.

Construction work begins in mid-2022 and construction is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2024. At the second stage, the following types of houses with a usable area can be distinguished: 205 m2, 245 m2, 290 m2. and 305 m2 with the possibility of joining and receiving more
more living space. The houses are sold in a combined development with gardens of different sizes, from 550 m2 to 1400 m2.
The payment schedule is consistent with the progress of construction work.

The scope and standard of decoration of the building and premises.

Characteristics of the projected village:

  1. The projected village will consist of family-type residential buildings with 2 apartments with a modern, simple shape. Urban planning concept according to the project of territorial planning.
  2. Residential buildings will be designed in several types with common elements of form and façade, with a building area ranging from 194 to 279 m2.
  3. Green areas belonging to buildings/apartments with an area of about 300 to about 800 m2 are intended exclusively for use.
  4. Characteristic parameters of the investment: a) Biologically active area – at least 70%; b) Built-up area for the entire investment area – maximum 25%; c) Building height – up to 2 above-ground floors and a height of 10 meters; (d) Building intensity – the ratio of the total area of buildings/investment area is a maximum of 0.4; e) The color of the façade is light, plaster facades, highlighted with stone cladding in beige; f) Roof color – dark shades of roof coverings.

Elements of landscaping of the territory of the residential complex:

  1. Entrance to the territory of the residential complex, controlled by a remote control
  2. Entrance to the residential complex from the street;
  3. Pedestrian and car paths inside the residential complex, made of concrete paving stones
  4. The fencing of the residential complex with a height of 220 cm along the borders (with the exception of the existing fence on the side of the adjacent plot) and a variable height of 120-220 cm between the areas of the gardens of the residential premises
  5. Small architecture: a. lighting of the territory – street lamps along pedestrian paths; B. Ornamental plants

Construction technology and standard of finishing houses:

  1. Frame roof with metal tiles and/or steel roofing with a multi-braided canopy.
  2. The thermal insulation of the façade is made of polystyrene foam and/or mineral wool with thin-layer façade plaster and stone slab elements.
  3. Reinforced concrete floors, pillars and stairs.
  4. Exterior and interior walls: a) structural: brick blocks of silicate or concrete with reinforced concrete truss elements with a thickness of 18/24 cm. (b) Partitions: brick blocks of gypsum or silicates 8 to 12 cm thick.
  5. Interior plasters: a) walls and ceilings in dry rooms – machine gypsum plaster (except for partitions made of gypsum blocks) once painted. The joints of walls made of different materials with dilatations are additionally filled with elastic mass by the buyer. The permissible deflection of the floor is 25 mm. c) walls and ceilings in wet rooms (bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms – except for partitions made of gypsum blocks) – gypsum or cement-lime plaster, grout on sharp, without painting.
  6. Cement screeds with mechanical grouts (places under shower trays without cement screed).
  7. Window: a) Windows and balcony doors made of aluminum or lacquered profiles – according to the project. (b) Double-glazed windows; c) Exterior window sills, e.g. coated sheet steel. (d) Interior window sills – none. Window sills inside the room are selected and installed by the buyer of the apartment – installation should be carried out without violating the thermal insulation under the window frame;
  8. Door: a) Entrance doors – external, anti-vandal. b) Technical doors – entrance to the garage – steel, anti-vandal, passage between the garage and technical room – steel. c) Internal doorways (unmashed and unplastered door frames) are ready for the installation of door frames and door panels by the buyer of the apartment.
  9. Installation of the heating system – in accordance with the project of the installation of central heating, plastic pipes are laid in floors, walls and technical shafts in a heat-insulating shell, taking into account: a) installation of wall and / or floor heating systems. b) electric heaters in bathrooms, toilets and garages with built-in thermostatic valves and thermostats. c) As a heat source for residential buildings, air compressor heat pumps powered by electrical energy will be used, which ensure the supply of a medium (water at an appropriate temperature) to power the central heating system and prepare hot water.
  10. Water supply installation – in accordance with the project of the water supply installation, laid under the pipes made of plastic, equipped with a meter – a water meter in the water well to the outside of the building. Approaches to devices (e.g. sink, dishwasher, etc.) are not covered.
  11. The sewer unit is made of plastic. Approaches to devices (e.g. sink, dishwasher, etc.) are not covered.
  12. The ventilation unit is mechanical with recuperation in accordance with the installation project.
  13. Electrical installation
  14. Interior and exterior lighting
  15. Lightning rod installation
  16. Grounding installation
  17. Other telecommunication installations made indoors: a) IT structural network b) RTV/SAT installation (c) Video intercom installation (d) Installation of a security and fire alarm system.
  18. Balcony – floor with a finishing layer of gres slabs, balustrades with glass filling.
  19. The height of the premises, with the exception of local depressions: on the ground floor – at least 2.95 m; on the second floor – at least 2.7 m.

Elements of decoration of the garage and technical rooms:

  1. Garage doors – segmental, with automatic drive, controlled from afar (2 remotes).
  2. Garage walls – thermal insulation is made of foam and / or mineral wool, lined with thin-layer plaster, painted with white paint, the floor in the garage is treated with an anti-moisture agent with a plinth up to 20 cm high.
  3. The wall in the boiler room is painted with white paint, the floor in the boiler room is treated with an anti-moisture agent with a plinth up to 20 cm high.
  4. The floor in the remaining rooms is reinforced concrete, superficially compacted.

Landscaping elements intended for exclusive use:

  1. Fencing of the area intended for exclusive use – system panels with a height of 1.2-2.2 m made of welded mesh, covered with powder paint or varnish.
  2. Approaches to rooms/buildings made of concrete tiles.
  3. Entrances – driveways made of concrete tiles.
  4. Lighting of entrances – in accordance with the project.

  • City Warsaw
  • Country Poland
  • Country Poland

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