Special property management

The fiduciary management of a property, which allows its maintenance, increases its value and attractiveness to investors.

Delegate the daily routine

GT24 Real Estate GmbH offers a comprehensive range of asset management services, including maintenance and commercial management. We take care of the condition of the property, organize repairs, conduct an advertising campaign, take care of accounting and deal with disputes with tenants. Freed from routine, the owner can exercise overall control and focus on important strategic decisions.

We can manage properties of all types and uses: apartments and houses, supermarkets and restaurants, hotels and retirement homes, office buildings and warehouses. With our many years of experience, we know exactly how to increase the value and attractiveness of real estate of all kinds.

What tasks we tackle

  • Development and implementation of a policy for attracting, retaining and rotating tenants.
  • Drafting of lease agreements and monitoring of the fulfillment of contractual obligations.
  • Creating a supportive and safe environment for customers.
  • Creating a positive image of the site.
  • Creation of additional income.
  • Ensuring that the property is competitive in the market and generates sustainable cash flow.
  • Development and implementation of a plan to optimize operating costs in collaboration with tax advisors.
  • Interaction with insurance companies and brokers.
  • Written communication with government agencies.
  • Involvement and supervision of professional organisations.

The results of our work

Minimizing costs

Increased financial income
(cash flow and value of the plant)

Uninterrupted operation of the property

High competitiveness in the market

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