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1. Do you offer assistance in finding a desired residential property?

Our agency can help you find the perfect apartment for your own residence or for rent. Our real estate agents will find a wide range of offers for new and used properties in a very short time. We will help you choose the right property according to your needs: location, type of apartment, size and more. We also take into account the payment options you prefer - installment or lump sum. With professional help in choosing an apartment, our clients can be sure that they have made the right choice.

2. Can you find a good deal on commercial real estate?

Real estate for companies today is a very lucrative investment opportunity that provides a regular annual income. But this will only work if you have a well-thought-out plan and all the nuances are taken into account. We help our clients find the best option for commercial real estate in the EU and beyond.

Our brokers carefully take into account all possible criteria: the preferred geographical location, the intended use of the property and the degree of infrastructure development. We have a wide range of hotels, restaurants, offices, warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings. The database contains only commercial properties that have been thoroughly checked. We assess the real value of the property, its condition and documentation.

3. Check the information about the actual condition and value of the property?

Evaluation is one of the areas of work of our agency. We carry out fast and high-quality valuations of apartments, commercial properties or land. All work is carried out by qualified professionals in accordance with current standards. For an objective assessment, tax advisors and independent experts are consulted.

What is taken into account in a property valuation?

  • On-site inspection;
  • explicit analysis;
  • a mini-assessment of the value of the property;
  • Basic valuation of market value;
  • preparation of a market value report;
  • carry out an examination of the value of the lease;
  • Preparation of a report on the rental value.

4 Is it possible to rent a property through an agency?

The service is currently available in Germany. The rental of apartments, land and commercial premises is part of the property management service. We offer our clients the most comprehensive package of services for the management of residential and commercial real estate according to German standards. For the owner, this means significant time and cost savings and gives him the assurance that the property will remain in a stable condition.

We offer the most comprehensive property management package available:

  • search and selection of tenants, contacting them in matters of comfort, monitoring compliance with the site regulations, dealing with financial issues;
  • Financial and economic planning for cash flow;
  • dealing with lease agreements and business contracts;
  • Liaising with state and local authorities regarding the management and maintenance of buildings.

5. Does the agency provide a professional interpreter for foreign clients?

Yes, we provide interpreters for our clients. Finally, a good knowledge of the local language is essential for the following activities:

  • Conclusion of commercial contracts.
  • Opening an account with a bank in another country.
  • Acquisition or sale of land.
  • Negotiating with foreign partners.
  • Documenting and organizing business activities.

6. Does the agency accompany the entire process of acquiring real estate in accordance with the law?

Our broker specialists work at all stages to help you buy the property you want. We can help you find the perfect option to live, invest or run a profitable business. We carefully inspect and evaluate each property. We hand over the property to the client in absentia. We book the hotel for the duration of the client's visit. We will pick you up at the airport and provide you with a professional interpreter.

We provide legal support for the transaction from start to finish. We will help you collect certificates, open a bank account, etc. By contacting us, you will receive professional services in the purchase of real estate and comprehensive assistance in the transaction.

Advantages of buying property in the EU

The most important advantage of living and working in the EU is the future-proofing and social and economic security of citizens.

Buying and renting property in the EU can be a long-term and profitable investment. Applicants are offered a wide range of quality properties of all kinds. In addition, countries grant loans at a minimum interest rate.

Landlords and property sellers in the EU benefit from a transparent legal system and a low crime rate, including financial crime.

Importance of buying property in the EU

Buying or renting real estate in the EU is beneficial for all parties involved. The number of new properties is steadily increasing, and there is a logical explanation for this.

The countries have numerous educational institutions and a rich cultural life. The EU is an economic centre for IT. There is a special atmosphere in these countries, with thousands of foreigners and a population that is growing every year.

There are opportunities for professional growth, personal development, parenting, fruitful work, and quiet studies. Buying and renting property in the EU will be one of the best investments of your life!

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